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The test is comprised of 15 questions which are randomly selected from a collection of over a hundred. There is no forced time limit but the simulator will keep track of the overall time taken and your final score. For most questions, there are helpful explanations underneath the correct answer, to help you understand the right choice and to learn from any mistakes.

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Which of the following modules allows a programmer to specify and spawn new processes, connect to their input and output pipes, and retrieve returned data?
A. pip
B. prochandle
C. subprocess
D. urllib2
Answer: C

A large mobile network operating company is building a machine learning model to predict customers who are likely to unsubscribe from the service. The company plans to offer an incentive for these customers as the cost of churn is far greater than the cost of the incentive.
The model produces the following confusion matrix after evaluating on a test dataset of 100 customers:
Based on the model evaluation results, why is this a viable model for production?

A. The model is 86% accurate and the cost incurred by the company as a result of false negatives is less than the false positives.
B. The precision of the model is 86%, which is greater than the accuracy of the model.
C. The precision of the model is 86%, which is less than the accuracy of the model.
D. The model is 86% accurate and the cost incurred by the company as a result of false positives is less than the false negatives.
Answer: C



A. オプションB
B. オプションA
C. オプションC
D. オプションD
Answer: B
ISNULL Syntax: ISNULL ( check_expression , replacement_value ) author:"Luxemburg, Rosa" The ISNULL function replaces NULL with the specified replacement value. The value of check_expression is returned if it is not NULL; otherwise, replacement_value is returned after it is implicitly converted to the type of check_expression.

The IEEE 802 Standard comprises a family of networking standards that cover the physical layer specifications of technologies from Ethernet to wireless. IEEE 802 is subdivided into 22 parts based on distance, frequency, and data rate. Depending upon these aspects, the system operates over a set of typical channel models. Drag the following network names to match them with their supported IEEE 802 standard.


Explanation: IEEE 802 refers to a family of IEEE standards dealing with local area networks and metropolitan area networks.More specifically, the IEEE 802 standards are restricted to networks carrying variable-size packets. (By contrast, in cell-based networks, data is transmitted in short, uniformly sized units called cells. Isochronous networks, where data is transmitted as a steady stream of octets, or groups of octets, at regular time intervals, are also out of the scope of this standard.) The number 802 was simply the next free number IEEE could assign, though "802" is sometimes associated with the date the first meeting was held February 1980. The services and protocols specified in IEEE 802 map to the lower two layers (Data Link and Physical) of the sevenlayer OSI networking reference model. In fact, IEEE 802 splits the OSI Data Link Layer into two sublayers named Logical Link Control (LLC) and Media Access Control (MAC), so that the layers can be listed like this:
Data link layer
LLC Sublayer
MAC Sublayer
Physical layer
The IEEE 802 family of standards is maintained by the IEEE 802 LAN/MAN Standards Committee (LMSC). The most widely used standards are for the Ethernet family, Token Ring, Wireless LAN, Bridging and Virtual Bridged LANs. An individual Working Group provides the focus for each area.

Wireless Regional Area Network Wireless Regional Area Network (WRAN) has a standard of IEEE
802.22 used for white spaces in the TV frequency spectrum. The development of the IEEE 802.22 WRAN standard is aimed at using cognitive radio techniques to allow sharing of geographically unused spectrum allocated to the Television Broadcast Service, on a non-interfering basis, to bring broadband access to hard-to-reach, low population density areas, typical of rural environments, and is therefore timely and has the potential for a wide applicability worldwide.IEEE 802.22 WRANs are designed to operate in the TV broadcast bands while assuring that no harmful interference is caused to the incumbent operation, i.e., digital TV and analog TV broadcasting, and low power licensed devices such as wireless microphones. Metropolitan Area Network A Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) is a network that interconnects users with computer resources in a geographic area or region larger than that covered by even a large Local Area Network (LAN) but smaller than the area covered by a Wide Area Network (WAN). The term is applied to the interconnection of networks in a city into a single larger network (which may then also offer efficient connection to a wide area network). It is also used to mean the interconnection of several local area networks by bridging them with backbone lines. The latter usage is also sometimes referred to as a campus network. A MAN usually interconnects a number of local area networks (LANs) using a high-capacity backbone technology, such as fiber-optical links, and provides up-link services to wide area networks and the Internet.
Examples of metropolitan area networks of various sizes can be found in the metropolitan areas of London, England; Lodz, Poland; and Geneva, Switzerland. Large universities also sometimes use the term to describe their networks. A recent trend is the installation of wireless MANs. Local Area Network Local Area Network (LAN) represents a network that covers a very close geographic area, such as a floor of a building, a building itself, or a campus environment. LAN is a high-speed network that connects computers, printers, and other network devices together. The media types used in LANs include Ethernet, Fast Ethernet (FE), Gigabit Ethernet (GE), Token Ring, and FDDI. A LAN may include servers, workstations, hubs, bridges, switches, routers, gateways, firewalls, etc.Personal area networkA personal area network (PAN) is a computer network used for communication among computer devices (including telephones and personal digital assistants) close to one's person. The reach of a PAN is typically a few meters. A PAN can be used for communication among the personal devices themselves (intrapersonal communication), or for connecting to a higher level network and the Internet.Following are the working groups of IEEE 802:

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As with all upgrades, this exam encompases all of the exam material from the individual CyberArk Defender - PAM exams. The three core areas covered are: CyberArk Defender - PAM.

A taster of the new features are mentioned above. Many of these topics are tested on the official exam as well as in this practice test.

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